You are looking to sell a product already existing on the market, and you want or not to add some developments on. We are leading for you a custom sourcing mission among our Chinese industrial partners following. 

Understanding your need

You give us visuals / specifications / features of the desired product and if necessary the list of modifications / customisations that you are looking for. In order to judge the feasibility of your projects we need to know your quantity and leading time.

Research and business offer

We analyze the supplier market situation for the desired product and select the most adapted manufacturers to your needs. After negotiating for you the best trading conditions and test the quality of products, we are organizing all data corresponding to several declinations of your product. We will then send you a quote including visuals and specifications of the best products we have selected for you and introduce the strengths of each one.

2 to 7 days


Once you have accepted our business offer we can proceed to sampling and thus validate the final prototype for your first production: product design, specifications, resistance and packaging compliance.

5 to 20 days


The prototype is approved, we can now start production and monitoring. At the beginning and at the end of production, Valtrade-Group Ltd team members will go to the factory to make quality control of semi finished and finished products to issue a note of compliance and make sure that the production contains no error.

5 to 75 days


Once production is finished and quality controls are realized we proceed to the goods collection for its delivery to the shipping address that you specified. To simplify your accounting and save time, we take care of all the paperwork and customs related to your supplies. It also allows you to be responsible for the goods only when they are delivered.

35 days by sea or 3 to 10 days by air

Supply Management

We maintain relationships with the manufacturer after the transaction and send him feedback of your comments to improve the product for next productions. We are also in accordance with your sales departement paiying attention to your stock in way to organize the coming productions avoiding out of stock situation.

After-sales service

We are only working with well know, tested and approved manufacturers, and we are performing quality control during the manufacturing process. If unfortunately you have one or more defective products, we will proceed to their replacements, or their reparations according to the manufacturer's guarantee that we would have informed before. You tell us precisely the problem and we take care of its resolution.

Deadlines are indicative and are scalable depending on your request.



Here bellow you can find areas where we have already conducted missions and where we already have a quality supplier base:


  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Electronics
    High Tech
  • Household Items
  • Packaging
  • Goodies
  • Textile
  • Medical

If your product is not part of these categories, we will be happy to take up the challenge.