Quality control

 Because each business has its own quality standards, we use the AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) for our audit. You set your tolerance level of quality. 

It is a statistical method to determine the quality of total production from a limited number of samples that we are randomly selecting from all lots manufactured.


We distinguish three categories of defects: minor, major and critical.

For each one, you specify the desired control points as well as your tolerance.

Following our quality inspection, we will provide you a report including an assessment of our controller on the overall quality of your production. You will know if the threshold for each type of defect has been met by the manufacturer. If the threshold is exceeded we identify for you with the manufacturer which corrective actions are possible. As goods are still in the factory, you have free choice to reject, modify or accept the goods.



We can perform quality checks at various stages of the manufacture of your products:

  • Pre production checks
    The perform quality control before the beginning of the production allows to verify the compliance of materials and components as well as the understanding of the desired product by the manufacturer.
  • During production
    The quality control during production allows you to ensure that the product and its packaging correspond to your specifications and if necessary the implementation of corrective actions during the production cycle.
  • End of production
    The perform quality control after production allows to check the total amount made, test your finished products and ensure their compliance prior to the balance paiement and before shipment.
  • Container loading
    The control container loading allows you to check that the total amount made and business documents are correct, also to ensure the goods are well loaded in container.



Outsourcing your quality control to Valtrade allows you to:

  • 1 Be sure the compliance of your products before their shipments,
  • 2 Reduce your overhead costs trusting our qualified staff using a validated process,
  • 3 Save time by using our local team responding promptly.