Product design and development

 The industrial facilities we have in China combined with our experience in development, allows us to transform your innovative ideas, in product to be manufactured in small or large quantities. 

The product design and development follows the same timeline as the sourcing requests, but requires essential additional intermediate steps.



Our team will provide you professional advices on the design of your product as well as for its packaging and we will also assist you to find the best fit of your expectations thanks to computer Tools usable by Chinese manufacturers.

5 to 10 days

Tooling design

As your products are custom made, it is essential to have appropriate tools for its realization. We take care of this industrial approach and ensure its full compliance with your specifications.

20 to 45 days

Electronics and software programming

This kind of development is only applicable for the products with electronic parts. We are looking for the best components combination to make the products perfectly runing to orders that you will give. We are also ready to adapt its interface to be suitable to your needs and your image.

5 to 30 days

Laboratory tests

To give access to your product to the European market, it must complies with current quality standards, it’s essential to be certified. Valtrade researches required standards and certifications for your product and looks after this quality / legal aspect with Chinese approved laboratories such as Eurofins, TUV and SGS for the realization of CE, RoHs, Reach ...

15 to 45 days

Process duration

Deadlines are indicative and are scalable depending on your request.