Since 2010, Valtrade has been successfully accompaning French and European companies in their business with China. 

Our expertise in International trade and our knowledge of the Chinese culture and the language are essential assets to the success of your projects in China.


The single interlocutor assigned to you is the interface needed to take advantage of cost opportunities / Industrial offers by the developing countries while avoiding the traps of International and minimizing risks in your dealings with China.

Thanks to many customization projects and product development that have been entrusted to us, we became true OEM experts. We can assist you on your thoughts for the technical, design and packaging aspects.


Our establishment in Hong Kong allows us to be constantly in contact with our strong and large partner network of Chinese manufacturers to provide you with reactivity quality products responsiveness, adapted to the European market. Driven by the desire to be close to you, to better know you and respond with more precision to your needs, we have created in 2012 a subsidiary of Valtrade in France. The vocation of this structure is to be your personal business facilitator, a true bridge between France and China.



We are your team in China,
available in France,
immediately operational in both countries
with one goal : your satisfaction.

Alexis Martin



Valtrade is already imposed as the ideal solution for many small businesses and large companies wishing to boost and to quiclkly sustain their operational and technical activities without having heavy investment.